About Me

Hello, My name is Holly Thompson and I’m a Chair Pear.

Sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program.

It’s not , but I am on a journey that I invite you to share with me.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona with Ken, my SO, and our six cats. I’m 64 years young and am hoping to retire from the corporate world in two years. But I’ve come to the realization, I may enter retirement in sub-optimal health. And it’s my own fault. . . . Well, mine and our industrialized society, but that will be the subject of many blog entries so I’ll save it for later.

My journey, which I am sharing with you, is to learn about and devise mediations for, the effects on my health from sitting . . .  sitting . . . and sitting for long hours every day.

I hope you will join me. I think we will have some interesting insights along the way.