I am a Chair Pear

I am a Chair Pear. I am NOT a Couch Potato.

I am not talking about the “shape” of a pear, just that I sit for more hours in a day than I care to add up. Due to their shape, Pears can sit nicely. And the word happens to rhyme with Chair, so when the concept popped into my head during my morning routine, I knew that is what I am. A Chair Pear. I am definitely a Chair Pear, not a Couch Potato.

In the morning I grab a cup of tea and wander into my home office and play a solitaire game to wake up the brain cells while the tea cools to a drinkable temperature, then I check email, Facebook, news and weather while I savor my caffeine jolt before I get up to get moving. It’s my wake up routine and I admit I love it.

An hour later I sit in my car for a 40 minute commute to work.

I have a desk job so I sit in a chair from when I arrive at work until I leave at the end of the day for my 40 minute commute home. I admit, I do make myself get up and walk a bit during the day because my butt gets tired sitting for so long; however, basically I sit all day.

When I get home I like to unwind from work, to reconnect with my non-work life. I sit in my home office to check my email, Facebook, and the news before I start dinner. It is 15 to 20 minutes of releasing work from my mind and reconnecting with my non-work life.

Most evenings after dinner I sit again. Writing, computer games, videos, craft projects, reading, the list can go on. And they all involve sitting.

4 thoughts on “I am a Chair Pear

  1. Patricia Mensie says:

    Holly Newman – are you the great grand daughter of Levi Ferguson Perry b. 1863? I saw a post on RootsWeb. I am a descendant and would love to talk about any info you might have on his birth. My grandmother, Sue Alice Byrd, was his daughter..
    Patricia Mensie

  2. Martha says:

    Please read the reviews for “A Heart in Jeopardy”. Especially the comments concerning the ending. This was the first of your books I had read and enjoyed it until the end.

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